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Soccer IQ

Soccer Performance Training

Top Notch Sport's Soccer IQ program combines Speed and Agility techniques with all around player development to build elite soccer players. Our Program runs year round and is designed to be a supplement to regular team training.


Think of us as your Personal Athletic trainers for youth soccer development.


With over 25 years of experience in training and coaching youth and adult players the Top Notch staff will assist in the development of the player to the next level of the game.


Some of our Training Techniques Include:


Speed & Agility for soccer

Advanced Ball Possession

Decision Making & Tactics

Speed to the Ball                         

Off ball speed and movement 

360 degree ball control                                

Reaction time development               

Performance & Conditioning

All Around Player Development


Whether its youth players looking to learn the proper techniques of Speed , Agility & Quickness or High School, College players looking to get to their best level of performance,Top Notch can meet your training requirements.    


Top Notch combines a dynamic approach to Speed, Agility & Quickness and integrates it with ball skills, technique and tactics. Very often, agility is more relevant to successful sports performance than all-out speed. Agility is the ability to explosively brake, change direction and accelerate again. Agility training can even help in the reduction and recovery from sports injuries. 

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