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Top Notch Sports Goalkeeper School


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The majority of goalkeepers spend most of their practice time standing in goal with orders to stop all shots. Obviously that is not sufficient training for the player who is possibly the most important one on the team. The goalkeeper is a specialist and should be coached as such. 


At Top Notch we focus on both the fundamentals and advanced techniques to build a better Goalkeeper. All training led by a former nationally ranked Academy Goalkeeper & European professional.


Ages 8 - 18 years old


Goalkeeper Training Agenda





Speed & Agility


Basic Breakaway Principles

The Sliding Save


Basic Catching

Cushioning the ball

High Balls and Crosses





Collapsed Dives

Extension Dives

Advanced Diving

Advanced Tactics

Penalty Kicks

Setting Walls

Corner Kicks

Back passes

Uncatchable Balls

Parrying the ball

Punching the ball

Reaction Drills

Pressure Training

Games & Team Training

GK Psychology


Training programs are setup based on age groups and experience level.


The full training agenda is offered in the Academy program. Shorter programs offer a shorter agenda.


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