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Weight Loss, Conditioning  & Toning


Velocity is a unique new program developed from athletic sport training and redesigned for every day people trying to lose weight and get in shape fast.  Velocity incorporates aerobic training from  sports based speed and agility exercises integrated with dynamic strength training to increase your heart rate over an hour of 60-80 bpm percent of your maximal heart rate. 


Velocity uses speed, agility quickness, cordnation and flexibility that's Combined with dynamic stength training while your moving into multiple group boxes and adding in resistance giving you strength, power and balance . Both of these major components combined in a training session guarantees to make your heart rate elevated while adding strength and directly promoting fat loss.


A typical one hour session burns about 800 calories and each work out is always diffrent each day and week by week. In addition velocity utilizes speed agility and quickness techniques combined with dynamic stength training giving you the most calorie cardio strength burning work out you will ever try.




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