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Top Notch Sports is focused on providing Youth Sports Team & individual Athletic training programs with the focus on building a better athlete.


With a variety of Sports Training programs to choose from, we're sure we can help you improve your overall performance regardless of the sport or activity.

            Speed & Agility


Speed, Agility and Conditioning training plays an important role in preventing injury and now it's more critical then ever. Playing multiple sports is becoming more difficult for various reasons including pressure on kids and parents to stick with the clubs and scholastic single sports all year long.



            Strength & Conditioning


Strength & Conditioning training is an essential element of fitness for virtually every sports man and woman. Long gone are the days when coaches believed resistance exercises only added unnecessary bulk to the athlete, hindering their ability to execute skill.The benefits of strength training to athletic performance are enormous and many. Not only is it an integral conditioning component for power athletes such as football and rugby players, performance in the pure endurance events can be improved with a well-structured strength routine.


At Top Notch we will tailor a program that fits either the sport or lifestyle that requires the highest level of strength and endurance.

            Resistance & Plyometrics


Also known as jump training, plyometrics involves stretching the muscles prior to contracting them. This type of training, when used safely and effectively, strengthens muscles, increases vertical jump and decreases impact forces on the joints.


Plyometrics mimics the motions we use in sports such as skiing, tennis and basketball. If you enjoy dodging moguls, chasing down ground strokes or charging the net, plyometrics might be an appropriate training option, as these exercises are designed to increase muscular power and explosiveness. Plyometrics is not, however, for those who are in poor condition or have orthopedic limitations.

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