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Top Notch Sports Staff


Joe DiMauro
Director of Sports

Joe has over 25 years of experience as a Soccer Trainer/Coach ranging from Youth, High School, College to Professional teams. He has been noted for the development of Speed , Agility & Quickness  training programs that he derived from European training techniques that can be applied to any sport. Coach Joe has trained hundreds of Soccer athletes in the development of their Speed and Agility that is specific to soccer in order to improve their overall performance in the sport. He has helped numerous young players get accepted into collegiate soccer programs and helped a number of players to begin Professional careers both in the MLS, Europe and Sooth America.

Phil DiMauro
Director of Training

Phil is a nationally accredited certified athletic trainer and has been acknowledged for his advanced techniques in developing fitness, strength and conditioning, weight loss and Athletic Speed and Agility. Formerly an elite youth athlete playing for the New York Red Bulls and the USYS National Soccer academy. He later played as a Goal Keeper in Europe for Malta's Premier league. Phil has utilized those skills and abilities to train a number of Professional soccer players in Europe. He now brings those programs here to assist in the physical development of his clients from all walks of life.

Mark is a seasoned baseball player with over 15 years experience.  His most recent accolades were playing baseball at the collegiate level for Brookdale Community College, which ranked at number 3 in the nation for junior colleges.   He is looking to translate his skills to help train other Youth’s interested in advancing their abilities both on and off the field.  Mark specializes in catching, infield work and mechanics and is training ball players in a wide range of age groups.


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